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Hailing from Paterson, New Jersey, theminofdre, IGetsBusy, Loss, and… Mike (homie needs to come up with a name for himself) have come together to form the collective known as Bar Above Music.

IGetsBusy is a native of Paterson, but currently resides in Queens, NY where he hones his beat-making talents. Busy is known for his heavy beat patterns and 90’s east coast influenced sound. Though he’s never afraid to dabble in different sounds and genres.

Loss is also a native from Paterson, NJ. He favors loop driven beats that hits the listener with a true school hip hop feel. Loss also dabbles in rapping and is working on his first full solo project. You can check out some of his work at

themindofdre is a hip hop artist who dabbles in the art of production. Though he’s more often seen in front of the mic than behind the boards, Dre has a love for sampled beats that may or may not fit the status quo hip hop sound. Check out Dre’s work as a rapper at or